Complaint: Wrongly locked account-Neglectful fund movement restriction

on 13 August 2020 about Cash App in category Payment Providers

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I began using my cash app account under the tag $Overton4477 months ago and have received all types of payments on there. Cash app after having verified my identity has given me a working bank account with a routing and account number and a debit card they issue. Months ago I used my cash app bank account to receive my unemployment benefits for I had no source of income. I have received this unemployment benefits amount over the months many times and I have never had a problem. I sent a friend of mine and a user on the cash app money to pay bills and to allocate for me. The purpose of cash app is to move money to whomever you like so long as you are not using the funds for illegal purposes. About 5 days ago, and if need be I can provide the exact date as it is on my cash app account as well, I received about 1400 from the Texas workforce commission my cash app account as a direct deposit. Once I received the money I tried it to my friend and business partner Michael Phillips on cash app. I have sent Michael Phillips money many times before for the purposes of paying bills, buying groceries, and investments and I have never had a problem. All the sudden Cash app sends me an that they have noticed Suspicious activity on my account and they were going to temporarily lock it and re open once they had investigated it or verified my identity again. So I sent a message to customer support relaying the issue and requesting that I be given the chance to prove my identity and to dispel of the suspicion that was somehow aroused. This has been the worst customer service experience I have ever had in my life. They first tell you that they will get back to you shortly with an automated email. Then I was followed up with a promise that I would be give the chance to verify my identity and unlock my account. I was told this by 3 different support members across 3 different platforms: conventional email, twitter, and face book. I have not been contacted in days, I have been lead on, I have not been responded to at all and have essentially been frozen out of my bank account and restricted from using my legal funds. You would think that the customer support arm of a bank, peer to peer money transfer application business would tend to the needs of someone who can not access his only source of income, as he had trusted in the businesses’ care for his needs, and would leave him literally in the most vulnerable type of position. I have not been able to pay down rent, buy groceries, pay phone bills, etc. I need to be assisted on this matter as soon as possible. I need access to some type of money to be able to sustain my self in society. I can provide all dates, emails, cash app transaction history accounts, identification information etc if need be.

I need cash app to contact me to receive whatever information they need to unlock my account and resolve the issue. Or I need them to immediately reset my account and unlock the ability to move funds so I can have access to my legal money. I believe they should do this in a timely manner, given the nature of the funds and need for them, and as they have already made me wait long enough.

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They need to contact me directly, unlock my account, dispel of the suspicion they said was aroused, and apologize to me for having left me in poverty and unable to use my unemployment check during covid.

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8 months ago - We have posted a tweet about your new complaint about Cash App

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