Complaint: They kept my daughter’s $1,500 and kept asking her to go get cards to get her money back and all they got her for $1,900 and will not put it back in her account

on 27 September 2020 about Cash App in category Payment Providers

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My complaint:

They kept $1,500 in her account would not replace it sent her on a goose chase getting cards to put back on a card but never received it back this cash app should be taken off play store it is a scam to get people’s money and I’ve seen all of the replies that are similar why does Google still allow this why I did some research that is what I do and Google is in on it obviously because they’re not doing anything about it and if you do some research you can find out that Google is getting apart in it a share and their operation it should be called in to the FBI and the court of communications which I’m going to do on behalf of my daughter losing all of her money unless someone in this Google industry returns her money please send me a response

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My daughter Vanessa Carroll needs her money back from cash apps that's all they need to know they know her name her money needs to be put back on her account immediately or I will be contacting the authorities over Google

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