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on 04 August 2020 about Cash App in category Payment Providers

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My complaint:

I was cleaned out by a hacker via Cash App.

(Est times)
At 2 a.m., a message came through regarding having access with a code. I found it odd and checked transactions that reflected no new transactions.
9 a.m., I activate a new debit card and entered the new card info in app thinking that whatever ed a message come to me at 2 a.m. would be canceled or intercepted somehow.
A few minutes after I updated app, a web receipt reaches me for $500 from a $ubcnrob with 3 hearts and another for $200 from $Patria85.
The bank is currently investigating this fraudulent activity, but in the interim, I am at a -$12. I am a working, head of house, single parent who has no credit cards or other savings.

Needless to say, I am distraught and was under the impression this app was secure.

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Suggested solution:

Return the funds stolen and improve their security. Anything more would be ideal for the stress and emotional strain this is causing my home.

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9 months ago - We have posted a tweet about your new complaint about Cash App

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Thanatos (@thanatos)
9 months ago

Since Cash App is pretty much unsecured, try your best to keep your account as safe as possible:

1. Set up a Cash PIN — required to authorize transactions on Cash App

2. Unlink Debit Card After Paying — debit cards don’t have much protection like credit cards do against fraud.

3. Keep the Cash Card off until making a purchase to avoid unauthorized charges by fraudsters who have access to your Cash Card (if that happens, order a new Cash Card)

4. Keep a Credit Card Linked — credit cards offer more protection against fraud

Last edited 9 months ago by Thanatos