Cash App complaint: Refusal to give refund after being scammed

on 08 September 2022 about Cash App in category Payment Providers

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My complaint:

Well I was scammed by a company called picoky. They were supposed to be doing a liquidation sale and selling pallets of merchandise at a very good price so I bought what was supposed to be a medium size pallet and when I received the item like I said I am it was a 50 cent at most pair of plastic earbuds and I even paid express shipping for this well they did not come through with what they were supposed to have sold me and I tried to get a refund and file a dispute with cash app they denied my dispute and are refusing to give me my money back well something has to be done about this this cannot go on people cannot continue to get screwed by cash app because it’s a peer-to-peer financial institution they have no problem taking your money but they have a huge problem returning it especially when you were scammed

Suggested solution:

I would just like to have my money back I would like to have back the funds that I was scammed

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Comment by poster of the complaint Loretta je

2 months ago - Hey guys if you have issues with a cash app payment ..... DON'T EXPECT THEN TO WORK ON YOUR BEHALF

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