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on 23 July 2020 about Cash App in category Payment Providers

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A payment was processed on June 1st 2020 via my personal bank account. The payment will provide it for my house. The receiving agent is stating that the payment was never received on their end. I’ve tried several times and several ways to click on options through the app the contact customer service but that option is not available. When I Google cash app it states that there is currently no way to talk to a live cash app representative over the phone. When I contacted the phone number listed next to the transaction it connect me to and gives a repetitive recorded message only. What is going on here? We’re talking about $1,250 here. That’s a lot of money. How do I talk to a live person even buy a live chat if no phone option is available to resolve all this pressing matter?

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Refund my $1,250 immediately so that I can resend the payment. It's absolutely ridiculous that your processing transactions using a banking based system yet you can't talk to anyone when there's an issue. That's completely inappropriate. I'm quite sure that cash out process has thousands of dollars in transactions on a daily and or monthly basis. It's ridiculous to think that if something happens you can't talk to someone. And you don't even know that no one live is available until a problem crops up. Very suspicious.

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