Complaint: Issue with Cash App not returning funds.

on 17 January 2021 about Cash App in category Payment Providers

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My complaint:

Dec. 8th I sent a $850 donation to my church. The church’s cash app account was no longer accessible to the church. When I was notified the cash app account was no longer accessible to the church, I contacted cash app to see if I could retrieve the funds so I could resend to the church. I have received several e-mails from cash app however, no one has tried to resolve the issue. Cash app continues to ask that the church cash out the funds however, I notified cash app several times the church could not access the account to cash out the funds. I also asked since the funds were never cashed out could they return or reverse the funds.

To this date there hasn’t been a resolution. The church created a different account with cash app and asked if cash app could transfer the funds to the new account, cash app still hasn’t tried to assist with this issue. Cash app has not tried to assist at all. It is almost as if they are planning to kept the funds themselves.

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Suggested solution:

In the past, I sent a donation to church through cash app and the church did not cash out the funds in a week and the funds were returned to me. Cash app should return the funds back to me so I can send the funds to the church.

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Olga (@guest_2580)
8 months ago

Your case is exaclty the case i am in NOW! On Jan 4th, 2021, my mother thought she sent me $800, turns out there are 2 accounts open with my name on it, well she sent the funds to an account that i do not have access to. So i reached out to the cashapp support team for help on 01/05/2021and to this day they claim that they have done all they can do to assist in my case. THEY HAVE DONE NOTHING BUT ASK IRRELEVANT QUESTIONS, GIVE REDUNDANT RESPONSES, AND PASS ME FROM ONE TEAM MEMBER TO ANOTHER. Today,… Read more »