Complaint: FRAUDULENT use of my account not being address by cash app

on 29 April 2020 about Cash App in category Payment Providers

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My complaint:

When I first opened my account and put money on my account I did use the money that was put on my card on the Apirl 27th 2020 @ 8:03pm the amount of $23.41 was declined from Walmart and then on April 28 @7:08am the amount of $23.41 got approved which now my account is at a negative $28.46 now. On April 28th @8:07pm the amount of $6.38 was declined at Walmart and then on April 29th @ 7:19am the amount of $6.39 was approved. Now the amount is negative $34.85. I did not make or approve if any the above stated transaction. I have tried several time on April 28th 2020 to contact cash app by email stating this information, I have also tried several times today April 29th 2020 to contact cash app again about this same situations I have heard nothing from them about my dispute other than yesterday April 28th 2020, they statedthose that the $23.41 was for a previous transaction that was already approved, and that I was the one that made the $23.41 the last charge I made was $17.78 and the purchase made before that was $33.88.sense then I have not heard anything from them and after I sent my email today April 29th 2020 there was a message that stated I have exceeded limits of emails to them. I am currently pregnant with my first child and I’m 18 years old, I was using this app do to some of my family members not being close enough to send me money to help in getting stuff needed for my unborn child. I am very upset about this situation and I need it to be taking care of. I will be canceling with this app today, but once I cancel I will be no long allowed to have access to this account, and I am worried do to my account is showing negative $34.85 and that this can go against do to it being in my name.

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I'm not expecting any money back I just want my account to be at $0.00. So this can not be held against my credit or me in anyway.
I am sending you screenshots of my last purchase and I'm also sending you screenshots what I sent to them of my last purchase and also screenshots of what was charged to my account from Walmart that I did not approve with my ending negative balance.

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