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My complaint:

I want a refund of $40 i was scammed by my own Best friendOn March 19 i purchased a Michelle Obama pocketbook i should’ve checked it before buying it of course but anyways i paid $40 that when I took it home with me I noticed it was damaged on the top i sent her a private message to let me to let her know that the pocketbook was damaged she was like oh my god wow I didn’t see that thank you for letting me know I’ll see if I can get it fixed I was like okay but then I told her I was like look I’m going to give it to you because there’s no place to fix it it took her one month to pick up the pocketbook she didn’t pick it up until April 19th she text me and told me that she’s already downstairs I told my mother to take the back of work downstairs and give me my refund so my mother went downstairs and show her the damage part and she told my mother on April 19th that she was going to send me my money back through cash app I’ve been waiting for my refund and she never sent it to me she lied to me and she lied to my mother sent her a good message I was like when you see me you better not say nothing to me you better not ever talk to me because you scammed me and that’s not nice!!!

Suggested solution:

By taking my $40 from her account and send it to me because it's my money not hers!!

Dispute A Purchased
Dispute A Purchased
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