Complaint: Cash App Refuses To Give Me Back My Money

on 22 October 2020 about Cash App in category Payment Providers

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My complaint:

A purchase was made from my Cash App debit card at the time when my account was in working order. Right after purchase was made they closed my account and disabled my card associated with that Cash App account. A refund was then put into place for these items that were purchased and was successfully refunded to the account. During the refund process Cash App unlinked all my information and told me that they have merged that account with a newly created account that I was informed to make so that the two accounts can be merged and this would merge everything from account history and account balance, so I would be able to of receive the funds that were refunded back to me. In short after over 80 messages and numerous cases I opened up with them. They have failed to help in any way for me to receive my refunded transaction that being a fairly large amount. I provided everything i could and I have everything one would ever need in order to get this situated and for the funds to be reallocated from my inaccessible old account that of which Cash App support carelessly managed to whatever way possible for me to have my bank balance reflect what is legally and rightfully mine. The payment was reversed as in a refund was given after the fact of them closing my Cash App account. They have failed in every way possible and will not allow me to retrieve my money. Cash App is illegally holding money from me and as well as providing no additional help or resolution for the funds to be returned or make them accessible.

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Suggested solution:

They need to reallocate the funds back to me either via ACH or however they choose to give me my
money. They are required by law too. It's against their policy to do what they are doing and illegal. Those funds were sent to my account after the fact it closed. They are obligated to fulfill their services and agreement but yet they won't. Cash App needs to fix this and follow their policy and the law.

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