Complaint: cash app is neggligent, absurd in there customer service ability and allows there customers to be robbed

on 31 October 2020 about Cash App in category Payment Providers

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My complaint:

I had noticed in my cash app that there were payments being made to people I did not know. at first I did not noticed because I had so much money coming in so fast and I was buying a lot of bit coin with it. after contacting cash app I received a email asking questions which I replied to but in there reply it was the same redundant email from the first time, with no other response after that. then a few weeks later we found out whop was stealing from our house via security cameras, we had caught the person in the act and as they are using the device they stole to change all info on cash app and other accounts, as this was taking place we were trying to contact cash app but with no repose or availabilty. we literally watched our accounts drain before our eyes and all our bit coin was sold and cashed out. still 5 days later, with much frustration, wasted time, effort, and energy, our accounts are at zero and we are locked out of our own accounts.

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Suggested solution:

cash app should replace every penny stolen immediately, and be held responsible for punitive and collateral damages cause by there poor customer service and negligence to provide live 24hr support. they should track the person down an have them thrown in jail for fraud. they should close out my account and be ashamed of themselves. really they need to wake there game up, I know at one time you could get phone support or almost an immediate response.

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