Complaint: Buyer got item from me for FREE

on 13 January 2021 about Cash App in category Payment Providers

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My complaint:

November 26, 2020- A guy contacted me via Offer Up to buy an item (PlayStation 5- NEW, UNOPENED, IN BOX) from me. He came to my home, and paid me $800 via Cash App ( via his Ca$h App handle name, “$chitooo77”) . He left with the item. Since this whole transaction took place outside of my home, it was ALL caught on my Ring Camera with the matching timestamp of the transaction. This $800 was later deposited to my bank account on Nov. 30th.

EVIDENCE: 1. Total of four Videos from my Ring Camera. The videos show “Chito” arriving at my home, completing the transaction, giving me a thumbs up, leaving my property with the ITEM in his blue car.
2. Document listing of all my Cash App transactions, including the specific $800 transaction.

December 11, 2020 – Few weeks later, this guy “Chito” out of the blue requested for a refund from me via Cash App (while he still has the Item), so I declined the request. I had no way of reaching out or communicating with him directly as we only chatted online via OfferUp.

December 17, 2020- Cash App reversed the transaction and refunded “Chito” $800 without talking with me, or allowing me to share my evidence. The buyer still had his item!

I contacted Cash App to try to resolve this situation and they said the user “Chito” filed a dispute with his own bank, so they have no choice but to reverse the transaction and they would not do anything unless my bank got involved.

I contacted my bank. I even contacted the City of Riverside Police Department to file a report. However, the police informed me that this was not a crime that a police could handle and for me to contact my bank. Result: My bank would not do anything.

In a nutshell: A guy STOLE a BRAND NEW PLAYSTATION 5 from me Ca$h App allowed this to happen .

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Suggested solution:

$800 refund. And to ban chito from the Ca$h App platform for abusing the system.

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