Complaint: Access to my money

on 29 January 2021 about Cash App in category Payment Providers

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I have My government deposit has not been made available to me it shows that they received a notification that was forwarded to my s that the deposit was there yesterday at 11:22 They’re not responding to my emails Within 6 to 12 hours I am trying to find out why my funds are not available and accessible to me they’re telling me some interesting information They were notified that they were going to receive something but they don’t have it and they’re not answer my question and let me know why is that happening this time with this deposit and it didn’t happen last time with the last deposit the last deposit just went right through this deposit it is in a pending status I contacted him to ask why is this pending and why it’s not made available to me and it’s certified government funds and I’m not getting Any real answers to these questions. They’re not to respond to my call that’s over 24 hours later

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Give I need access to my government deposit Also I got an that the system was down how are they having a down system at the same time that these deposits are supposed to be going through or at least I don't know what they're doing over there but I'm getting notification if their system is messed up

Access to my money
Access to my money
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