Complaint: $1400 loss due to illegal regulation on selling stocks

on 11 February 2021 about Cash App in category Payment Providers

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My complaint:

Cash app illegally regulated my stock sell saying I reached my limits for day trading when I in fact and have clear proof I never made a day trade and the result of that was a 1400 dollar loss the next day as the market opened when in fact i had 2 day trades available and never once made a day trade the day before I when I wanted to sell and in would have. Been gaining almost 800 dollars instead of lose almost double that. I have proof of all my transactions and sales made as cash app as well takes info and shows ur transactions. Maybe they should take a very close look at the major error they made that cost me a total of 2200 dollars.

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Suggested solution:

They should immediately return my money to my account plain and simple, it shows that the stock I wanted to sell isnt and was not a day trade anyways so why would they regulate my sell. And the amount that I had gained when I tried to sell need to be added a total of 2200 dollars. If not than it's fine I will be forced to court preceeding where an attorney has accepted my case already based on the evidence I submitted. If this happened to them they would be doing the same thing I would.

$1400 loss due to illegal regulation on selling stocks
$1400 loss due to illegal regulation on selling stocks
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