Complaint: Horrible Experience with TWO Non Functioning Cars

on 01 April 2022 about Carvana in category Automotive

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My complaint:

I would like to preface this review with the fact that it takes a LOT for me to complain! I wanted to purchase a car for myself and did not want to go through the hassle of a dealership, so I acted on a recommendation from a neighbor to use Carvana. I was excited about how easy the experience was initially. I had no problems choosing a vehicle, ordering it, providing the necessary documentation and they even gave me a good deal on my trade-in. I started singing Carvana’s praises about this process to everyone I know. I was excited to get the car the next week only to have the delivery date changed to almost a week later. I received text message updates on whenwhat was changing with the order. Although disappointed, I was ok with waiting.

The morning of delivery, I was ready at 8:30am, prepared to receive my car. I received a text from the driver that there were some discrepancies with the paperwork and she needed to get those resolved before she could deliver the car. She got that cleared up by 11am and the car was delivered. I was excited to see it being driven off the truck. As soon as I got in the car, I noticed a warning light on the dashboard that read, Flat Tire. Visit Dealer. Not something I would want to see after JUST purchasing a car. I asked the driver and she said she topped off all the tires and I just needed to drive it around a bit for the sensor to go off. I drove it that day quite a bit and it never went off. I even took it to Dobbs Tires and they assured me that the tires were all perfect. They could not tell why the indicator never went off. I drove the car for 3 days before going to the garage to leave for work and THE CAR WOULD NOT START! I called AAA who jumped the car, I kept it running and then went to an appointment on the other side of town. As soon as I pulled in the parking lot, I let the car run a bit longer, turned it off and then tried to turn it back on again. It wouldn’t start again.

I called AAA a 2nd time and when I asked if the battery just needed to be replaced, they said the battery was good, but something (starter, alternator) was draining it. I called Carvana and they suggested I take it to a dealership to be serviced. I just bought a car (that was supposed to run and I’m supposed to go get it fixed)? Since it was within the 7 days, I asked for the car to be swapped. Since I traded my old car, I HAD NO CAR TO DRIVE. I called Carvana and told them I had to rent a car to drive to work, etc. I was told on that call that I would be reimbursed for the rental since the 2nd car would not be delivered for a week.

I got the rental and 3 days later was told the delivery of the 2nd car was going to be pushed back another 4-5 days. When I got the new delivery text message, I called and asked to speak to a manager. I was told I would receive a call back from a manager in 24-48 hours (still waiting 2 days later) and I was sent to a team lead to talk to. I told him (William) about the rental and he said that they DO NOT reimburse for rentals. I’m ONLY in a rental because the car they sold me DOES NOT start! This has been the ABSOLUTE WORST car buying experience I have EVER lived through. One any given day, I got 5 different responsesinstructions from the automated text, live human text, Carvana website, Carvana mobile app, and live person on the phone! They finally agreed to reimburse me for the rental after talking to Liz who said I would be sent a check to cover the rental costs.

The 2nd car was ordered and scheduled to be delivered on Tuesday, March 29th. I got a call saying there was a delay and that it would be delivered on Saturday, April 2nd. Today (April 1st), I returned the rental and just received a text that the car did not pass inspection. The text said that the car needed the catalytic converter and O2 sensor replaced and would be delivered 2 weeks later. That would be another 2 weeks in a rental car. I’m at the point of just cutting my losses, getting my old car back and starting over with a traditional dealership!

Suggested solution:

Give me my old car back or the trade credit, pick up the inoperable car that has been sitting in my garage for over a week, and give me my down payment back SWIFTLY!

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