Complaint: horrible service

on 25 October 2021 about Burger King in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

This is a fairly new Burger King but that is no excuse for the service I have received on at least two occasions. The first time I purchased a salad and a chicken sandwich. When we arrived home which is only 2 miles away, the chicken was not cooked all the way and the salad had wilted greens and was warm. I threw the salad out and we reheated the sandwich in the microwave to complete cooking. 2 nights ago we went back around 7 o’clock PM and started in the drive thru but the cars were not moving. There were 4 cars ahead of me so I pulled out and went into the shop. There was one man and his children waiting so I walked up to the counter. There were two people working behind the counter with their backs to me. They were standing waiting for orders to come up. I stood there for 5 full minutes and no one ever spoke with me. Not even a hello welcome to Burger King or just to acknowledge my presence, they never looked at the counter. I finally asked the man who was waiting if anyone was working the counter. He said that he had been waiting for 20 minutes for his order. Now your people had to hear the conversation but again no one turned around to acknowledge my presence. I’m 70 years young and have been going to Burger King for 50 years and my children grew up enjoying the hamburgers as a treat. It is a shame that this location is putting a black mark on your reputation.

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Suggested solution:

If there is a store manager they are not training the staff. The manager should have been at the front counter if he was short on staff. The staff did not even care that people were waiting. People count on Burger King to deliver good food and service.

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