Complaint: Food Sour , Bad service

on 10 March 2022 about Burger King in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

On March 9, 2022 I placed an order in the drive thru for the original chicken king combo meal after receiving the meal the fries were hard and cold and the sandwich was sour with an unusual smell, and the soda hard an unusual taste to it. After waiting in line I can truly say I will not return to this location or business again. After years of supporting Burger King I can no longer support a business that has a line wrap around it only to serve food that is not up to standard. Someone really need to take a look into the quality of serve that is being offer , I will let others know that the serve and quality is not worth the wait or time.

Suggested solution:

Someone really need to take notice of this location because the serve that is being offer on a grading scale is a F- to say the lease. At this rate this location will suffer because of the quality of the food that is being served. If you see a line you would think okay the food has to be really good and the serve has to be amazing but that is definitely not the case at this location. The line is long and after waiting you are disappointed with either cold fries or old fries and what ever sandwich that you choose you will have to return it only to receive another sandwich that is not correct. The attitude of the employees are not pleasant or welcoming. I know that times are not great but presentation says a lot about a business as well as serves.My complaint is simple offer food worth waiting for without an attitude if the food is return because the order is not correct. Change is good when everyone play apart. FRESH HOT MADE TO ORDER FOOD IS WHAT IS NEEDED. CHECKOUT THIS LOCATION THE TOWN IS SMALL AND BURGER KING NEEDS TO STEP UP THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE.

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