Complaint: Uncoonsumable alcohol ruins once in a lifetime special moment

on 12 December 2021 about Budweiser in category Beer Brands

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My complaint:

I’ve purchased two pallets of alcohol recently for a very special occasion in my lifetime, Its with great disappointment that I’m contacting you today in regards to the pallets of alcohol I had purchased from yous with what was once great confidence I had in your company’s products I was super disappointed when the alcohol I was going to be serving my guests at this once in a lifetime special occasion party, I knew I couldn’t ever possibly serve this to my guests without a doubt. I got one pallet of Budwiser , and one of Budlight
The alchol consisted of
2 pallets of 80 cases of 48 Budwiser cans
10 cases of 60 cans of Budlight

Both pallets were dented in the corners of each pallet, the beer was Without a doubt uncoonsumable for anyone, secondly if the pallets are damaged They shouldn’t be sold or put out for sale If there’s any damage to the pallets what so ever. I’m super disappointed with the product quality and most of all I’m more disappointed in the fact that I paid this out of my pocket and took a VERY big loss with this 2 pallet fricken huge mistake but very unfortunate of the hosts to have even thought of serving this on their job that evening

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Well first of all it Would only make good sense that I would be rememboursed for the HUGE loss I took with these b.s pallets that weren't any thing close to being consumed by anyone that's how bad the booze smelt, there was no fizz, the alchol was flat and totally unacceptable for the hosts of the special event party I was going to have, not mention anything to me on the condition of the pallets and not being advised that they're both damaged pretty badly in corners ,Right there was a mistake on someone's part, both! the hosts and your products sold to me. I do believe that I should be rememboursedcompensation of the value of the alcohol that I took a loss with, it now not only ruined my entire once in a lifetime special moment event, it only makes sense that I recieved my money back,

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