Complaint: Bud Light Chelada changed formula

on 23 April 2021 about Budweiser in category Beer Brands

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My complaint:

Why did Budwiser change the recipe for Bud Light Chelada?! This has been my go to beer since it came out. Too much lime now. It is definitely different. Now I have to find a new beer, not that I wanted to.

Suggested solution:

Bring back the old version!!!!

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Scott Parsons
Scott Parsons (@guest_3288)
11 months ago

I definitely taste more lime! I’m going back to making my own.

Last edited 11 months ago by Scott Parsons
Bob Hitchcock
Bob Hitchcock (@guest_3331)
11 months ago

I too noticed the extra lime flavor, a little too much for me. Hope they go back to the original recipe.

Marie (@guest_3342)
11 months ago

Omg! I’ve been searching online since the new can replaced the old a month ago… that is ALL I drink when I drink alcohol… first swallow and I knew it had changed – after half a can, I gave up and tossed it … bud delivery guy told me it was just new can- not new flavor… BS! It’s disgusting- too much acid and something else I don’t like … can’t put my finger on it (basically because I refuse to drink it again to try to figure it out) …. It’s a shame they changed it – and it’s… Read more »

Leo Aldridge
Leo Aldridge (@guest_3482)
11 months ago
Reply to  Marie

It’s terrible now, a mouth full of salt. Through it out. Change it back!

Moni (@guest_3375)
11 months ago

Totally agree!! When the cans changed, the taste changed!!! I don’t think it’s more lime though, it’s more of a sweet not sour taste…almost like they put a little too much Worcestershire sauce..yuck…This as well was my go to beer, I might have to start drinking Modelo Cheladas 😔

Stephen (@guest_3382)
11 months ago
Reply to  Moni

Agree. My first thought was worchestershire sauce. It’s terrible. Guess I’ll make my own. So sad.

Brittany (@guest_3381)
11 months ago

The old version was my favorite beer. My entire beer fridge was fully stocked with it. After 5 sips of the new one I dumped it out. Way to sweet, too much lime, the flavor isn’t nearly as refreshing. I bought 16 of them to put in the fridge and now I can’t even give them away. I wish I would have tried one before buying all of those. They will never get drank. I’ve had 6 people taste them in hopes that they would like it and take it off my hands. Nope, every single one of them ended… Read more »

Last edited 11 months ago by Brittany
JAK (@guest_3385)
11 months ago

I totally agree! I’m sad, mad and lost! I’ve loved them for years and years and now I can even drink a whole can. It my Zima nightmare all over again!

I hate the new flavor definitely change the recipe
I hate the new flavor definitely change the recipe (@guest_3400)
11 months ago

I hate the new flavor definitely change the recipe I will be switching brands

JASON (@guest_3433)
11 months ago

They definitely changed it. Tastes like it has more tomato in it.It sucks because this was also the only thing I drink and now it tastes like crap.

Kathy (@guest_3455)
11 months ago
Reply to  JASON

That was my impression. Too much tomatoey taste. Loved the old bud light chelada. Can’t finish one can of this new stuff!

Xan (@guest_3496)
11 months ago

I don’t taste more lime. I taste more tomato and less Clamato and beer flavor. Maybe some tamarind? I don’t get much of the Clamato and beer flavors in the finish, which is what i loved about the original. Now it tastes closer to the Modelo and other brands of Cheladas that don’t have Clamato. I still like it, but it’s not the same. It seems like I start to taste the Clamato more when I get halfway or more thru the can. I still like it, and have not found a better one in any other brand, nor can… Read more »

Eric (@guest_3517)
10 months ago

The new formula is terrible. Way too much spice!

COLETTE BJORKELO (@guest_4015)
8 months ago
Reply to  Eric

I can never figure out why companies CHANGE what is good! I absolutely loved the taste of the Clamato bud light Chelada. Now it is a “nothing special” drink. It is boring and lacking in flavor. So disappointed!

Joseph Ybarra
Joseph Ybarra (@guest_3525)
10 months ago

Absolutely!! This has been my go to beer for as long as I can remember. The can change was weird to me and then I tasted it and holy f$ck what have you done to my beer……. I havent bought one since and I plan to just buy bud lights and a bottle of clamato for this point forward. I also made a Modelo and Clamato the other day and I thinks that’s my new go to. Budwieser why have you forsaken your loyal market?????

Nevik (@guest_3581)
10 months ago

I too miss the old flavor. Something is different about it. I like the old and the old style look of the can. New face makes it look cheap

Merritt (@guest_3596)
10 months ago

My local watering hole still has the old version—for now. The new recipe seems have less salt, more lime and just isn’t good. Bud Light, be better. The new recipe has me bringing my own celada mix to the bar and I switched the base to Coors Light out of spite. Embarrassing bad decisions time and again for this company, I AM DONE (unless they change back to the old recipe).

Gloria Martin
Gloria Martin (@guest_3615)
10 months ago

I so agree, the new flavor is not good! First one I’ve had in a while and my first thought was did I buy the wrong thing! Yuck.

BUDDY FOLDEN (@guest_3655)
10 months ago

Absolutely, Budweiser sales have been declining in recent years. I too was a die-hard Chelada Bud Light fan until one day I took a sip and realized immediately it was not the same beer. Budweiser bring back the Bud Light Chelada and its original recipe

Becki Miller
Becki Miller (@guest_3656)
10 months ago

I don’t like the new taste nor the new can design. It looks like I am buying a generic beer. Watch out for a lower gross annual profit this year because I drank ALOT of your beer and I won’t be buying it anymore. Why change what was working?

Confused (@guest_3673)
10 months ago

What the heck Inbev? You had a great thing going with the Chelada! What idiot over there decided to change the original recipe? You could have brewed a spin off of the original, but leave the original alone! Bring it back!

Amy Grant
Amy Grant (@guest_3679)
10 months ago

I too loved Chelada’s. I don’t like beer but I liked those. I am now out also.

Kristy (@guest_3683)
10 months ago

This has been my drink for years!! The new can looks and tastes awful!! I really hope that sales plummet and they go back to the original recipe! For now, I will be making my own at home!

Ken (@guest_3917)
9 months ago

I find the newer ones in the new cans have more tomato taste and maybe less of something that was good in the original ones, too bad, probably hard to even get them to admit the change

loretta (@guest_4143)
7 months ago

I don’t like the new can ,plus the taste is nasty i guess i have to start making my own this stuff is right down nasty i will not buy anymore thank god i only bought a 4 pack , they all went in to the trash !!!! Bud light your missing the point , if something good leave it alone!! will not buy anything bud makes!

Michelada (@guest_4294)
5 months ago

As Im drinking the very last chelada of my stach (when I realized the delivery guy bs me that the can only changed, I bought the whole damn inventory of my local chinese tienda store, no joke if I drink beer, it’s only chelada… for years now), me and my husband are trying to found where can I buy my favorite beverage online, I stomped on this feed of Chelada fan and ohhhh how do I relate to most of your stories 😅 Budweiser, you are making me a favor because I actually don’t think that I can replace my… Read more »

Eric chouinard
Eric chouinard (@guest_4480)
4 months ago

Vraiment déçu de la nouvelle saveur!! Je n’en bois même pu, c’est trop salé!! Et là question que je me pose? Pourquoi changer une formule gagnante? C est ridicules!!

Tracy L Butler
Tracy L Butler (@guest_5059)
1 month ago

They don’t even taste like they have beer in them. The alcohol amount is weak and it tastes like tomato and not Clamato. I have been drinking them since the day they came out and so has everyone that I know but none of us are drinking them anymore. Sales have to be down. Bring back the original recipe and better yet add a splash of Brenarsky to the original.