Bolt Food complaint: Customer Service Quality

Complaint from B.B reported on 17 May 2024 about Bolt Food

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My complaint:

I have described to multiple agents entering and exiting my case that an incident of food quality (portion) happened twice and that the last time solution they gave me was simply to leave a restaurant rating. Today I describe my issue again being similar and they provide rating as a solution again yet I have paid money for proper value and food portion. I have never been served a drink like that and even if I were there in person, the restaurant would not dare do such foolishness. That order had no value for money.

Suggested solution:

They should refund me an amount and fine the restaurant because that mistake was consistent. I forgave the first mistake but this is outright disrespect by both the restaurants and the agents that handled my case so disregarding.

Bolt Food complaint Customer Service Quality
Bolt Food complaint Customer Service Quality
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