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Blue Cross Blue Shield refuses to pay for my daughter’s yearly exam. I have been with Blue Cross Blue Shield for over ten years through my employer (a courier service). Dr. E, Masri was her doctor since the day she was born. I never had a problem with Blue Cross Blue Shield paying for my daughter’s yearly physical exam until 2020 which is the year she turned 18 years old. Dr. Masri was always her doctor and now Blue Cross Blue Shield says he is not an authorized doctor or not within the network. I never received any notification from Blue Cross Blue Shield during the new enrollment to change her primary doctor (Dr. Masri). I called Blue Cross Blue Shield several times and they could not give me an explanation why they refused to pay the doctor’s bill of $723.00. The last Blue Cross Blue Shield rep said she would take care of this matter and that it should not be a problem. I spoke to this rep in October 2020. I did not hear from them so I figured this was handled because I checked North Shore website and they removed the transaction from their records. I thought this was taken care of. Well, it was not. I got a bill asking for $723.00 in April 2021 indicating Blue Cross Blue Shield will not pay North Shore for this.

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I just want to be reimbursed the $723.00. Blue Cross Blue Shield took withdrawals from my weekly pay checks for the entire 2020 year to cover for my daughter's medical expenses and to not pay for her bill and used the reason out of network to escape payment is unacceptable. Why have insurance for my dependent and the insurance will not pay for it.

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