Blockstream complaint: Funds On hold due to Mentor’s Debt

on 13 January 2023 about Blockstream in category Crypto / DeFi / Blockchain

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My complaint:

On Friday, Jan 6, 2023, I met all the requirements to make withdrawals from my crypto investment account in Blockstream. I paid the bypass fee and 20% of my profit. Altogether was $2,950. I am expecting to receive the amt of $17,450. The customer service notified me that my account is on hold because my mentor used my account as collateral to borrow some money from Blockstream. On Jan 11, 2023, this debt was paid off with my help so that I could withdraw my funds and I was given an assurance by customer service that once this debt was paid off my funds will be processed immediately. But after it paid off, I haven’t heard from customer service anymore until I asked them to tell me what is going on with my account. I was told that my mentor has more debt from another individual, a gentleman.

I am very disappointed with Blockstream. I am not responsible for someone else’s debt. Whether my mentor pays his debt or not I should be able to withdraw my funds.

I need the right to my account and to withdraw the funds from which I am being deprived. No one has reached out to me to ask my permission first to use my account for collateral.

Blockstream should never let anyone use someone’s account for collateral.

This is a fraudulent, illegal, and dishonest business practice, and Blockstream needs to be investigated. This awful practice has to stop.

I feel that there is a conspiracy against me. I am being scammed, tricked, played, maltreated, and discriminated against. Therefore, I need help.

Suggested solution:

I need Blockstream to pay me my funds of $17,450 in full amount. The money used to pay for my withdrawals was personal loans, and for paying my bills and I have family emergencies to take care of.

Blockstream needs to pay me whether my mentor pays his debt or not. I am not responsible for anyone's debt.

I need the right to my account and to withdraw the funds from which I am being deprived.

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