Complaint: My funds stuck on pending

on 05 December 2021 about in category Crypto / DeFi / Blockchain

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I forgot that I have already created a wallet from blockchain sometime last year. And recently I just created another wallet with the same email and I have transfer my funds from trust wallet to blockchain wallet. Few days later I need to sent some of my funds to my friend about over $5000. That when I realized that it only went through $2000 and some of the funds still stuck on pending waiting to be send out. because there limit on my silver level. If I want to send more that $2000 I need to upgrade my account into gold level. Then when I tried to upgrade my account the app won’t let me. So I contact customer support and they told me they have blocked my account due to unknown user. And they asked me to provide them info to verified myself. And they want me to upload my ID and selfie on the app. I did that also but the app just not verified it. They asked me to changed a new email for one of the wallet. I tried that it just doesn’t work.even if I changed the email the both wallets still stuck with it. And I can only log in my account but I can’t do anything on it. I can’t see my funds can’t do nothing. And they just seem not helping take forever to reply my email. I have even email them my ID and a selfie but they wont accept it. They say I have to go through the app. I was thinking they can just help me delete the other wallet on their end.

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I want them to recovery the funds. I still have about 10 litecoin pending to sending out. And about $500-600 of Bitcoin and litecoin on trading account

My funds stuck on pending
My funds stuck on pending
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