complaint: Dooped out of profits

on 29 June 2022 about in category Crypto / DeFi / Blockchain

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My complaint:

OK a month ago I was invited to participate in a cash flip program with Jessica Allen turns out I needed a online card witch cost me an extra 532 dollars I paid that a week ago and then another 100 on Saturday cus Jessica said only 428 was received when u sent 615 now almost two hundred dollars are unaccounted for any way two days later I went to get my profits of 21,071 a couple of things happened but meta2trader said I have complete control of my account and profits what happened next started having me question the letigidisy of meta2trader it seem there legit but they were supposed to wire my money to me and told me they would give me the tracking number for two days I kept asking for the tracking number so now I’m told I won’t get my money till July 5th I started the with draw process three days ago and it’s been nothing but a big headache I doubt have had my funds three days ago now I’m losing my phone because I can’t pay the bill and were I live I’m 3400 in the hole I made promises to my manager her at the motel now he wants me out and is calling me a liar a loser amongst other names all I want is my money that I profited from so I can see if this other cash flip platform does better on payouts both Jessica and Nicky tells me to be patient they don’t understand I’m losing everything including my place to live please help me relieve my money thank you Raymond kerr email address is [email protected]

Suggested solution:

Get ahold of Jessica Allen and meta2trader and tell them to release and pay me my money iwas told within 24 hours I'd be paid 3 days later nota

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