Complaint: invalid transfer of ethereum

on 17 February 2021 about Bittrex in category Crypto / DeFi / Blockchain

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My complaint:

I copied and pasted the address where I wanted to send my coins from my bittrex account several times previously. This time the website added a number 5 to the end of the address which I did not detect. The 55 ethereum coins are gone from my account and the history says it was an invalid transfer and the coins did not go through. Per Bittrex own
FAQS THAT THEY directed me to when I filed a support ticket, which is the only thing they have done, the coins are ORPHANED and Bittrex should just credit them back into my account. That is what their own website says. I can not speak to or communicate with anyone . I have repeatedly asked them to do something and after 13 days they only did the initial , automatic , refer me to their FAQ page.That coins are worth approx $100,000 and no one is responding except they indicated they were awaiting response to their automatic referral to the FAQ page.

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Suggested solution:

I am concerned someone is trying to steal my coins within bittrex. after 13 days the only response from bittrex suppor says my ticket is open. They claim they have online chat support but there is not chat button where they say it is supposed to be.

They need to credit my account the orphaned coins before they disappear.. I am really concerned someone within bittrex set this up to steal my coins that extra number 5 in the address that i had copied and pasted repeatedly a couple times befpre did not come from me.
I just want them to credit my coins into my account so I can get my belongings the heck away from bittrex.

invalid transfer of ethereum
invalid transfer of ethereum
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