Complaint: Retaliatory Customer Service

on 10 April 2021 about Binance in category Crypto / DeFi / Blockchain

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My complaint:

I have struggled with homelessness for the last 3 years. NOT because of drugs. NOT because of crime. NOT because of reckless behavior or mental illness. Because life has been fcking difficult and I don’t have to explain my personal struggles to a heartless company like Binance. But what does need to be understood is that homelessness is insidious. Once it becomes the paradigm of your life it has this gravity where even if you’re NOT doing things to instigate it, like crime or drugs or reckless spending, or have a mental disorder, it always seems to be there hovering and threatening to pull you back in. The trauma is lasting.

I bought iCoinX (ICX) several years back and sold it on BinanceUS recently because I’m trying to avoid the trauma of being homeless again. I’m bouncing around from one AirBnB to another draining my bank account and I desperately need this money to survive right now.

After initiating all of my verifications, the USD Verification was the last I needed to get MY money and thereby avoid my life falling apart. The help pages on BinanceUS mentioned no time frame for approval like the other verifications and within the period of a month of waiting I submitted two support tickets and several inquiries as to when I could expect approval.

All I would get in response from them was auto-generated garbage. No personal contact from anyone to explain that there was a backup of verification requests, or that verification takes two months, or anything similarly understandable that would ease my anxiety about waiting but also give me an answer about why customers were being given inadequate support on the support pages and inadequate support when they submitted support tickets.

My last support request from them was frustrated and said that it felt as if they were deliberately holding my funds on their platform so I couldn’t remove them.

Okay…a frustrated customer. In comes the effective customer service!!

Wait…does mean-spirited retaliation by downgrading all existing verifications to the most basic available so that I have to start back at the beginning and thereby wait even longer to withdraw my funds to avoid homelessness sound like effective customer service to you?

Because to me to sounds like BinanceUS has a rampant resentment problem in its customer support department, which believes it’s better to punish frustrated customers who have been given inadequate information by both the support pages and garbage auto-generated emails.

And it should be noted, according to the support pages that I downloaded and timestamped through Google Drive, Binance does NOT warn customers that they will downgrade verifications if a customer gets frustrated and submits too many inquiries about verification because there is no time period listed for USD verifications on the corresponding support page like with the other verifications.

So just to summarize: rather than give good customer service to a frustrated customer trying to avoid homelessness, BinanceUS sanctions a mean-spirited customer service standard thereby making customers’ personal hardships even harder by holding their money hostage in the spirit of retaliation.

Noted. Disseminated.

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Suggested solution:

Restore my existing verifications and approve my USD verification which I was waiting on when I was retaliated against.

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