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on 16 April 2021 about Binance in category Crypto / DeFi / Blockchain

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My complaint:

Account Action Needed
We write to notify you that you have a returned deposit that was used in a crypto transaction, leaving your account with an outstanding balance:
Order ID: 3f2072f1f4024db4a69d0c2b64b5b734
Chargeback amount: 200.00 USD
Order time: 2021-02-07 08:38:32(UTC)
Payment type: ACH
Please deposit 200.00 USD within 7 days to bring your Binance.US account into good standing. When you initiate an ACH deposit, we credit your account immediately and your bank is charged 3-7 business days later. To settle the disparity, you can deposit here

Failure to settle the outstanding balance may result in the liquidation of your crypto holdings as necessary to cover your outstanding balance. For information regarding negative account balances, please refer to our support article.

Thank you for your cooperation and timely attention to this matter.

that was an email i received from them… and my response was

Hello, so this message is a little confusing considering I’ve only made 2 purchases of 200, I cancelled immediately and it was never added at 294.5 ADA @ 0.67ADA because it was duplicate. I was still charged through my bank so I had them refunded it. Is this message saying you guys are going to take my ADA back? To my knowledge I’ve paid it. I can see the deduction from my account. I’d be more than willing to pay 200 for another 294.5 ADA. Please help, I believe something here is wrong.

Going through bank statements and My emails it really just looks like I double purchased the $200 ADA, cancelled one, was charged for both, after about a couple weeks I called my bank to get the other $200 back because you guys or PRIME TRUST LLC never refunded it.

I know for sure Im not trying to take or steal money I just want the problem resolved because I have paid in full.

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Cancel the chargeback fee

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