AstroPay complaint: Money strck

Complaint from Bharath24 reported on 14 September 2023 about AstroPay

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My complaint:

Hii I am the user of astropay from past 3 years but I never faced this issue . I tried to deposit money in astropay through UPI money was debited from my account and but not credited to my astropay wallet.
I asked them about this issue they told me to wait for 2 days I waited and I asked them again after 2days they told we are contacting payment provider they told same for 2 weeks and after that they told ,we didn’t receive money contact your bank my bank is telling that your payment was successful.iam the one in the middle I was crushed between these two.still i didn’t receive money.astropay clearly stated me in a mail that we had a issue with payment provider why to provide customers with these payment providers.please help me in this issue. I raised charge back in my bank but they need to accept reciever need to accept that .even customer service is not nice they are turning off the chat before typing message i was mentally suffered and they wasted my time.iam attaching my transaction proof

Suggested solution:

I just need my money back that's it.

AstroPay complaint Money strck
AstroPay complaint Money strck
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