Aspen Dental complaint: Overcharged and misfitted dentures

Complaint from Sarah Turney reported on 07 September 2023 about Aspen Dental

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My complaint:

I went to Aspen dental for first time dentures. I had previously had teeth surgically removed almost 2 years ago, should have been a simple task. My first visit I was told I would possibly need an alveoplasty. My next visit was for an impression, then following a wax try-in, then my following visit was to get my teeth. No alveoplasty was ever performed and my teeth were so big I couldn’t even come close to touching my lips together! I told them I felt like they were too big and I did not like them…I looked like a horse!!!! I was told to try them anyway!!!! So I did…from Friday until Monday. Then I returned to the office which is over an hour away!! They said at first that they would not see me because I did not have an appointment. My mouth was full of sores from the poor fit of the dentures! I told them if they could not see me and fix the dentures that had already been paid for in full…in cash…that I wanted my money back! They had me come in again finally after lots of discussion at noon. I was then told they were going to print me another set of dentures…. After waiting another week…the new dentures are just as bad as the first set!!!! The teeth are smaller which I did like …but they are cutting my gums and just do not fit at all!!!! I want my money back!!!!! They can have the teeth since I can not wear them if they want!!!

Suggested solution:

I want a refund!!!!!!

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