Complaint: Store 5923 No blue seal on pump 1

on 03 February 2021 about ARCO Gas Stations in category Gas Stations

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My complaint:

On 02022021 @ approximately 11:15am, I was traveling north on I-5 and exited to purchase gas. Against my better judgement I pulled into Arco station 5923 pump 1. I inserted my card and entered my pin and began to pump the gas when I noticed that this pump had no blue safety tape anywhere on this pump station. I looked around at the other nearby pumps and noted each one did have the blue tape attached at the left upper corner of the pump box. I then noticed the peeled off blue tape stuck to a pole about a foot above the 1 pump box top. At that time a female employee walked past me. I stopped her and explained the situation and told her this made me very uncomfortable and upset that someone would try and access my bank account. She told me if I saw anything funny going on with my card to call the store and talk to the manager. I then asked her to give me the phone number and managers name and she replied with you can look it up online. and walked away. I finished pumping my gas and pulled up to the front door of the station and got out to ask for the and name. I asked the same clerk again for the information and she said hold on and walked to the back of the store. I remained outside. Although the 3 employees I interacted with had face masks on, not one single customer had a mask on while inside the store. When she returned from the back, I opened the door and told her I couldn’t wait to speak with her manager and simply needed needed the phone number and name. She proceeded to walk through the open door and out to pump 1 and attached a new blue security tape. She then came back onto the store and told the man at the register to get me the phone number and then went to the back of the store again. As the young man gave me a receipt with the phone number on it, Alessia came out to speak with me. She said she was the manager. I told her the problem and also told her the other woman employee had already attached a new blue tape to the pump. I asked if there needed to be some sort check done prior to putting the new tape onto the pump box and she replied yes. No visual check of the equipment was made nor was the pump marked as not in use. Although I have not checked as of yet, I am quite sure this is against some fuel regulation rule. I traveled another hour before I reached a location with a secure internet connection to access my bank account, all the while worrying about my bank account being breached and compromised. I have had to shut off my bank card and order a replacement card, which is inconvenient to say the least. I will also have to stop all of my auto pay accounts and will have to reactivate upon receiving a replacement card. I am very unhappy.

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Suggested solution:

Have pump number one checked for compromise. Train employees about the significance of a card reader being compromised, along with the proper procedure in such an instance. Stop cutting corners and abide by the rules and take more pride in work. Inforce facemask rule for customers.

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