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on 25 September 2022 about Applebee’s in category Restaurants

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My complaint:

My boyfriend myself and his 2 adult children went for dinner sat. September 24th.
We spent 78.20.
We had a 20 min. Wait which is understandable. When we finally were seated we waited for a few for our server Haley. We ordered dinner and she brought us our drinks. It went downhill after that.
We waited and hour or so for dinner with no sight of her until she heard us comp!aiming as we were on the verge of walking out and told us they were catching up with orders it would be soon.
Finally after 20 more minutes she brought me my French onion soup and chicken tacos and brought my boyfriends daughter her meal. I had a spoon in my soup no one else had any utensils what so ever.. A young man at the keyous behind us over heard our comp!ain’t and said nicely I can get you silverware…which he did and I thanked him.
She finally came with my boyfriends rib let platter and my boyfriends sons steak and dropped them not even noticing we had si!verware and that she never gave us any….but both salt and pepper was near empty and I asked her for another salt. She seemed to struggle to do that claimed she had to go out back went to 2 separate tables to get orders then realised she still hadn’t returned with a new one so she scuffed a14 filled one nd handed it to us as we began eating before it got cold.
Never saw her again….never asked us how the meal was. We couldn’t wait to leave I tipped her10% to be nice but I normally tip 20% but felt her service didn’t warrant it.
Bangor app!ended is usually better then that
Not Happy Whatsoever .

Stephanie Sudsbury

Suggested solution:

For 1 no one should wait as lo g assessed she should be more
Efficient and at!east ask us how our meal was and give us utensils

Poor service
Poor service
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