Complaint: Non receipt of merchandise

on 21 February 2022 about AliExpress in category Retail Company

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My complaint:

Had been doing business for several yrs. with Vendor!!! Did not file ANY orders in 2021! I have several ordersitems never sent, filed disputes after disputes, tried Aliexpress, step in- NOTHING WORKS. The backchat from sellers is always the same-they deny, don’t read my complaints and automatically state order is in transit! They just let the time expire, then tell you AGAIN to file another complaint!! I am SICKTired of the merry go round routine. More than 50% of your vendors are THiEVES!!! They play their stupid back forth games, and keep sending the customer the same responses!!

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Suggested solution:

I want the company to pay attention to the customer complaints and resolve them!!! I have lost quite a bit of money because the vendors ignore the customer complaint!!! Aliexpress states there is a customer protection policy- that's a JOKE!!! There is NO PROTECTION FOR THE CUSTOMER!!!! The vendors are POOR vendors, and once they get their money-that's it - there's NO RECOURSE!!!! The ignore customer and keep sending messages with SAME content, and NEVER resolve the issue- IT IS A RACKET!!!

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