Complaint: Your banning of LifeSiteNews

on 13 February 2021 about Youtube in category Broadcasting Network, Online Services

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My complaint:

Your banning of Life Site News shows how capricious and arbitrary you are with banning organizations that don’t fit your ideology. You are stifling free speech. So what if you don’t agree with a post or video. Are you a platform for the free expression of ideas or just the promoter of persons that agree with your ideology? Abortion kills babies it is a scientific fact. There are questions about the use of aborted fetus cells in the development of various Covid19 vaccines that need to be addressed and are of concern to those of use who are Pro-Life. Even the companies that developed the vaccines have concerns about their long term effect. Your censorship and others in big tech is one of the greatest threats to the principles of democracy that we have seen in decades. This is done solely for the purpose of controlling information and preventing the free discussion of ideas among their fellow citizens. Are you for democracy and the free expression of ideas or a shill for the Cancel Culture?

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Suggested solution:

Remove the ban of Life Site News,

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