Wob - World of Books complaint: Order not received

Complaint from Little Stevey reported on 08 August 2023 about Wob - World of Books

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My complaint:

I’ve contacted world of books twice now with no resolution to my issue. All I get in response is an automated copy and paste email with my order info in it. There are some discrepancies on how long it actually takes for their delivery to get to me one is 7 to 10 business days and then in response from customer service I’m being told it’s 14 working days I don’t know which it is because they won’t respond. Since the day my order was shipped out it has not left the site that it was first scanned into. I’ve since responded to both separate emails that I have sent and no one will get back to me and there is no number to call.

Suggested solution:

All I want is my book I don't know how three other books got to me before this one did and yet they left after this one did and came from a further distance. How about them actually responding like a human being to an email instead of just copying and pasting responses and order info.

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