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My complaint:

1. WISH only has preset questions and 2-3 days for someone to respond to your question. I get that the products are coming from China and take longer. HOWEVER, I have order 5 things…out 5 only one has arrived and lord knows where the others are!

1. One was a necklace and after ordering it and being charged, 3 days later they canceled the order and refunded me. I DID recieve my refund for that item.

2. I order two different phones and I have not received them yet and I ordered a tablet that has not come. I NOTICED in the shipping they shipped it to CZECH republic not Texas USA. I tried to ask about the tablet and they canceled my one phone instead said it was being refunded but i NEVER received the refund…and the items SUPPOSTLY was already shipped and on its was to the USA. But never answered me about my Tablet!!! Which still says enroute but according to tracking information its going to CZECH not the USA!

3. When I finally got a response about the issue they just said the manufacture of the phone (not the tablet) doesn’t have these phones any more and we are refunded you. I WAS NOT contacting about the phone but about the tablet. Which I never gotten either or the other two phones. The one phone is still saying that it arrived into the USA on the 16th of June and then to transit up for international shipping after that. I investigated further on the tracking number from a different website than WISHPOST and says that it is in Jamaica now!

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F@@King call get they act together they just stealing your money and sitting on it and not really shipping your goods! I never order anything from them again. Its very shady! One electric item I order shipped to Czech and another came to the USA then says now it is in Jamaica. Get a response to contact support from the app is a joke and the one time I got a hold of someone they screwed up the order refunded something already shipped (SUPPOSTLY from the tracking) and never got back to me about the tablet that says its been shipped to CZECH republic!

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