Complaint: Unanswered Questions, partial refunds, The Run Around

on 15 July 2020 about Wish in category Retail Company

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First off I do understand that with the virus a lot of things are subject to change beyond the original agreement. However, If i am going to receive a partial refund meaning the shipping only to be told that once a further date is exceeded without the product to contact WISH within a certain time frame that again has been pressed further out… I have ordered things in the beginning of MAY end of April and they continue to push the deadline further. I am expected to wait until mid OCT for something that hasnt moved since the day I ordered it and it was processed the very next day. Again i understand that the virus has totally slowed things and prolonged them. The main issue i have with the lot of this .. is I am unable to address my concerns and request what I want to be done because wish has an automated generated response system and it never quite covers exactly what i am wanting to do. Recently I have been reviewing my order history and noticed that I mistakenly ordered something thinking I knew what i was getting. After reviewing the details portion of my account I realized my error. Now because of the COVID and the inability to contact them directly I am going to have to wait for it to eventually arrive so that I can return it although it hasn’t moved since MAY 20th.Also when you click on the photo in the details section even though I have already paid for this item now WISH is saying that there is no ID code for that item. Meaning it no longer exist on their site? Another instance I have I ordered an item the regretfully contacted me via email to let me know that the no longer had that item in stock, they upgraded my item at no additional cost to myself.. very thoughtful of them , However that item has not moved either since the original purchase date. Not sure if others have been as frustrated as I am becoming with their system, but is it unfair to ask to be able to correspond with them about above stated issues without having to go through a long drawn out horrible experience just to be left with unanswered questions and more anxiety about what is really going on behind the scenes? As for their partial refunding .. I am not happy about it at all … its been over 90 days for most of these items and they don’t ‘even have an option to dispute the fact that a full refund would be necessary to any other distributor. Hopefully this gets corrected before i end completely scorned and no longer want to be a part of their business. Ironically i just wish i could get some answers and eventually ;my refunds in full..

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They need to take into consideration the length of the time that these items have been sitting idol, in the same warehouse without so much as a movement in the right direction. I feel if the item hasn't moved for more than 60 days and that is being gracious that they should reach out to the customer and see if they choose to wait longer with updates maybe weekly or bi-weekly to keep everyone on the same page.

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