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on 29 January 2021 about Wish in category Retail Company

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My complaint:

Hello all,

I’ve ordered 400 tooth brush heads for the price of 38,00€ 18,00€ shipping totaling 56,00€. Once I received the order after some time, I came to the conclusion I had only received one. Upon asking for support in the WIsh App, they told me that I had indeed ordered 100.

Please review files attached. The advertisement shows 80 pcs. The ad is still online! The vendor advertises selling 80 pcs. When you click buy, the item is added into your cart (normally when there are various quantities they let you choose which quantity you desire and then you see the prices per quantity, not the case here). Therefore, with seeing that I judged this sale as a bargain.

The feedback I received was that the seller was selling 20 pcs at the price of 7,60€ instead of 80 pcs. My feedback is that this advertisement is misleading (please review for yourself). Had I known that it was 20pcs I would have never bought it.

They keep saying that there is no refund policy which is nonsense!

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As said, I paid 38 eu for 400 brushes. However, they've delivered 100. If they have delivered 100 the total of 400 which equals 38 should be divided by 4, which is 9,50. The total shipping is 18 euro, which should be devided by 4 as well, which would be, 4,50. The new order total should have been 14 Eu instead of 56. I haven't even spoken about several packs being damaged....

Toothbrush heads
Toothbrush heads
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