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on 30 September 2020 about Wish in category Retail Company

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I made a purchase on June 26th 2020. I have yet to receive one of the items. I wanted it for her birthday wish gave me a delivery date that worked. Then all of a sudden when I made the payment a July shipment was now a September shipment. I understand it’s a pandemic but I was falsely led to believe I would have what I purchased before I needed it. So now all my items stop coming in except for the one item I want in need it’s September 30th I still don’t have it. so daily I go into my wish account just to see if there’s any information on my product. I go to log in and I no longer have an account, the entire account was deleted and nobody knows what happened to it. I was refunded my shipment fees because of the length of time it was taking, I was told if I didn’t receive the item by October 8th to contact them again when I was able to access the account. I now can’t access it and have no knowledge of the order number or any of the numbers they’re asking for because the account no longer exists. My payment exists on my bank statement for an item I never received to wish they took my money but they’re saying they have no clue they can’t give it back to me cuz I don’t have the item order number. I don’t have it because they deleted the account . This is a birthday gift and it may only be 20 or $30 but it’s money I don’t have extra it’s money that I then have to go spend again because of the birthday gift never came. I get it’s a pandemic and I’d be totally all right if I got the item, but I have yet to see it and nobody wants to tell me where it is or if on my money when I could ask to see account in the beginning of September it’s on my item was still in f China. If you can’t deliver my merchandise then just give me my money back it’s that simple. Horrible I’ll never buy anything again.

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They should look into the account numbers and dates that I've given them. Ask me which item I didn't get and refund me the money for it or they should just give me all my money back because they're shady. And account just doesn't disappear in the merchant doesn't know any information. I want my money back or I want my item actually I want my item and my money back I want all my money back for the entire purchase even for the s I did get just because you're trying to scan me out of $30 you should be ashamed of yourself it's a f pandemic and you're stealing money from poor people.

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