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on 31 August 2020 about Wish in category Retail Company

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My complaint:

When I order from Wish, the first thing I do is check out the estimated date of delivery before i purchase an item. If the date is too long for me to waitI WOULD NOT purchase the item.
When the delivery date is a reasonable amount of time tor me to wait on item, I go ahead and get it ordered.

So I have 2 orders i placed on June 8th and the estimated delivery date has been manipulated by Wish twice, and now the estimated date of delivery is by September 17th.

Do you realize it is going on FOUR MONTHS, 84 DAYS AS OF TODAY since I placed my order??!!!

And in the past when an item doesn’t come in by the ORIGINAL delivery date, I’d contact Wish support via the app and I’d be refunded what I paid for the item. BUT NOW, WISH is manipulating the estimated date of delivery to a later date. And then sometimes the date is pushed back again, in an effort to not have to issue customers a refund.

IF MY ITEMS COME IN, let’s say it comes on the current delivery deadline of September 17th, that will make it a TOTAL OF 101 days waiting on my orders!!!
I’m done with ordering ANYTHING from WISH, bc y’all aren’t fair and act like it’s no big deal to have customers wait this damn long, I’ve gotten items coming from the other side of the world and is delivered much sooner than the crap on Wish. Don’t go blaming the pandemic for all of Wish’s problems!! Every single item I’ve ordered from other retailers within the US as well as from companies based in foreign countries, and they all warn of a delay in delivery due to pandemic, my orders may come later than originally estimated,delivery date but at the most 7 days, not like wish’s 2.5 month delay. I will never shop any store that is based China. It’s cheaply made and trash.

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Suggested solution:

Refund me my money for the flavored rolling papers, I think they only cost around .80 cents each!
After I clear this up I’m deleting WISH, GEEK, and any other apps that sell crap from China bc I’m fed up!!!!

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