Wish complaint: recieved wrong slip covers and want refund

on 26 February 2021 about Wish in category Retail Company

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My complaint:

I recieved the wrong chair covers in January and have been trying to return them since. It is now well past 30 days and I cannot get anywhere with your company. They came from HARVEY 167-21 PORTER RD JAMAICA NY 11434 The sku 4282431 REF ID 151116896074CN

Suggested solution:

I just want a refund and a return address to send them back.
Thank You Eleanor Gatz

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Charles A. Craig
Charles A. Craig (@guest_2779)
2 years ago

I received the wrong size Winter boots, for my wife. I would like to return the boots and a full refund. USPS tracking # eVS, 9205 5902 3284 3339 5788 21. The price for the boots, as per Amazon, $42.99, basically. My address is: Charles A. Craig, 10758 Hillcrest Court, Harrison, Ohio 45030. Thank for your assistance, and cooperation in this matter.

Jeanne Rhea
Jeanne Rhea (@guest_4185)
1 year ago

Did you receive information on how to return them?

Mmwulff (@guest_4878)
1 year ago
Reply to  Jeanne Rhea

I need a return authorization asap

Jeanne Rhea
Jeanne Rhea (@guest_4184)
1 year ago

I received three tops that are not the quality and size I ordered. No way to contact them. I will file a dispute with my credit card company and try to send them back with a return receipt. This is absurd that no contact method is included. When I tried to order them, I did not think my order went through as there was no confirmation received. Now I think all of this is on purpose. Mine showed Ricky, 167-21 Porter Road, Jamaica, NY 11434. Never ordering from an ad on Facebook again!

Lyn (@guest_4991)
1 year ago
Reply to  Jeanne Rhea

Me too ! I knew better because I’ve been scammed before. Fool me once….

Tara (@guest_5995)
3 months ago
Reply to  Jeanne Rhea

This has happened to me too. I am doing return to sender I have refused cr card company from paying

Len H
Len H (@guest_4490)
1 year ago

received men’s jacket and was wrong size. It’s Medium and need Large. Can you provide me how to return item? Thanks

GALE A CHADWICK (@guest_4584)
1 year ago
Reply to  Len H

I did the same thing, but over under clothes for my disabled mother who could get to the stores and now can’t return them. Should be away to turn these people in.

stef (@guest_4609)
1 year ago

I have been dealing via email with the company after they sent me the wrong doll. They told me it is exactly what I ordered. The doll looks nothing like what I ordered. I advised them I want to return the item and they keep avoiding my request. The worst experience ever. It has been about 3 weeks now.

Angelina C
Angelina C (@guest_4957)
1 year ago
Reply to  stef

Can you please share the email address you are using to correspond with them?

J Vowell
J Vowell (@guest_4789)
1 year ago

I believe Harvey 167-21 Porter Road Jamaica NY 11434 is a shipping company for various products from China. We will never know the true “Company” that sent our cheap products. Unfortunately, my belief is they are a distributor of Chinese scam products.

DJPapa (@guest_4947)
1 year ago

Ordered a sweater type covering – ordered a 4xl which arrived but it is really a 2xl although marked as a 4XL and cheap material – not as advertised

No luck returning it or contacting the company

Have to figure it is a fake company in a warehouse just shipping out crap

Thea McKiernan
Thea McKiernan (@guest_5002)
1 year ago
Reply to  DJPapa

Same issue..never again…def not as advertised..been scammed before w FB companies selling seemingly legit products!

Flim FlamMan
Flim FlamMan (@guest_5051)
11 months ago

Thanks Facebook. Hope China is doing well by you!

Donna Davison
Donna Davison (@guest_5088)
11 months ago

I was sent the wrong size shoes (too big). I would like to return for a full refund at 18760 Garbo Terrace Apt 8, Boca Raton, FL 33496. These step in pink shoes came from HARVEY 167-21 PORTER RD JAMAICA NY 11434. ID15117534253472CN. I want a refund and a return address to send them back. Thank you, Donna Davison

Shirlee Anderson
Shirlee Anderson (@guest_5206)
9 months ago

I got 4 pair of tennis’s need to return 3 pair because I wore the black pair so I’m returning the navy blue the pink and the red he said 40 to size my size is 11 but the shoes are too smallI paid $110 and I need my money back on mine PayPal account

J. Bowman
J. Bowman (@guest_6088)
2 months ago

I too am trying to return a Ravens jersey and the address is Harvey, 167-21 Porter Road, Jamaica NY. Wow, so easy for China to get building and run a business with the USA dollars. I tried to send it through mail and was asked for an Apt # 🧐. Amazon said it must be returned by 2/3/23 as I was approved for the refund. How do I get this back in time? Never again will deal with NFL products.

E. Higgins
E. Higgins (@guest_6572)
14 days ago

China is eating our lunch