Complaint: Purchases paid but not received

on 19 February 2021 about Wish in category Retail Company

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I recently started shopping on wish. I’ve had a multitude of problems shopping with wish. Orders were canceled without explanation by wish. And then I received what is considered a combined shipment with tracking by USPS. This package was to include nine pairs of shoes or boots and one pair of socks. What was delivered with that tracking number had no shoes the packet weighed only 6 oz and contained trinket type junk some of which I didn’t even know what was. I had to request each and every individual item be refunded and now wish states that I have abused the refund policy. yesterday I received another packet which was supposed to contain one pair of ankle boots what was received was another plastic trinket about one and a half inches long with a wire attached similar to a few of the items I received last time. Certainly not a pair of shoes this packet weighed only one ounce. The average shoes for children weigh at least one pound adult shoes way one and a half to two pounds on the average. I also have several items that have reached what is considered wish Max delivery date and these items have not left China yet they are supposed to be covered by wishes guarantee to fully refund if not delivered by that Max delivery date many of which reached that Max date yesterday 21821 but wish refuses to refund my money stating I have abused their refund policy!? I would have had no refunds if wish would have sent the items I’ve ordered and paid for. I’ve been scammed. I paid in good faith but didn’t receive what I paid for USPS told me on February 5th when I received the packet of six trinkets rather than nine pairs of shoes that they were filing a fraud complaint against wish. Tomorrow I will add what I received yesterday to that complaint or file a new one whichever they suggest. I would have preferred to get what spent time to choose to buy and paid for but if I’m not going to get what I paid for I want my money refunded. They didn’t seem to care that a seller sent a cheep substitute that had nothing to do with what I paid for . I explained to exsactly what happened several times about what was received. I sent photos clearly documenting , items delivered, size of packet,package weight ect and everything else but they seem to pay no attention to that. There is a multitude of misleading and inaccurate info in their web site as well. For instance a ring advertised to be 14 and showing a photo of that 14kt stamped in the ring but when delivered if is a painted gold color ring of very poor quality and NOT 14kt gold! Who wouldn’t want that refunded? I just want to end this fiasco with wish and I will delete their app as soon as I either have all products paid for or money refunded. I have extensive documentation.that I wish I could share here. It is truly unbelievable and totally unacceptable. And Mail Fraud which is a federal crime.

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I would think that more than ensuring that I get the product I paid for before end of month or a refund on all not received. I feel I am due at least an apology for the insult of me abusing their refund policy when in fact they've abused me by sending junk that it wasn't ordered and giving me a hard time about it even though I had proof of what was received as well as the small size of shipping packets. Quite frankly they ought to send me each and every item I ordered and refund my entire payments because this is been a lengthy nightmare stressful and time-consuming.

Purchases paid but not received
Purchases paid but not received
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