Complaint: no account shown no purchases shown just take money.

on 06 January 2021 about Wish in category Retail Company

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HI IDO not like the way you do business you do not show what people buy it seems when you press on something youve bought itthat was my experiance i never looked at security unit or camera certainly did not buy 5 drones 3 watches all the same their was a red drone but i could not get picture to show what it was all about but i still do not know but 5 COM ON 3 watches allblack No i do not like how you operate try ebays method a hell of a lot more honest you made over 11billian profit now i know

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THEY should operate properly when you do buy it should come up show what you purchased to colour shape wether the stats are what your paying 4 not press on show it then whackit of screen not sell gear i never even looked at it seems to me you need totake a leaf out ebays book.SO id prefer you just cancell THE LOT i have contacted my bank just in case anything turns up..

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