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on 16 July 2020 about Wish in category Retail Company

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On May 3 2020 i purchased two items from wish I never received either one one was a plane i bought for my Grandson and a laser pen after waiting for two weeks wish contacted me and told me that the plane i ordered was no longer available and they sent me a page to pick something else from so i found the same plane i had ordered and ordered it through that page well after 5 days they shipped it and it was finally on its way I waited and waited it never came neither item came so I contacted wish to find out where my packages were the next day I look on wish tracking and it says that my package was in a hub in the US since June 5th 2020 which I found that odd because I have been tracking it on 17 tracking and this is it copy and pasted right from the app
MYKULD, Item en route to UNITED STATES this was the last update on 5 -23 -2020 at 23.50 so I contacted the post office through email and they sent me an e-mail back saying that i would probably never see the package well I sent them over what wish had on there tracking saying that it was in a hub somewhere in the US so they reopen my case yesterday I got an email and they told me that the package never even reach the US to contact the sender wish kept moving my delivery date back the last time they moved it back the date now is August 11th I have been very patient with wish and I will like to be compensated for the lies and the deceit

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I think i should be compensating with a little more expensive item I normally wouldn't do this but they have been so evasive and misleading I think that have to have some consequence for these actions after all my grandson the one suffering waiting for his toy I feel so bad when he asked me Grandpa when will it be here I have to tell him I don't know I'm working on it that's all I have

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9 months ago - We have posted a tweet about your new complaint about Wish

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9 months ago - I hope you get my post my phone likes to change words for some reason

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