Complaint: I want my sweat pants and my t-shirt I ordered and they still haven’t come

on 29 August 2020 about Wish in category Retail Company

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I ordered 2 sweat suits from y’all and I only received one of the t-shirts. The black t-shirt with the all different color leafs on it I haven’t gotten it but I got the black sweat pants with the all different color leafs on it. I also got a gray t-shirt with diamonds and black leafs on it but guess what the gray sweat pants with the diamonds and black leafs I didn’t receive either. The swear pants and t-shirt y’all sent me don’t even go together. They don’t match at all. What happened to my black t-shirt and my gray sweat pants that I’m still waiting to get. I ordered them both at the same time and paid for them at the same time so y wouldn’t the rest of my outfits be here. I had to wait 3 weeks just to get the black pants and gray t-shirt. So where is my missing pants and shirt. I have already paid y’all for the stuff. This is so wrong and I thought that I was going to love wish and order all my clothes, shoes,etc from there but I still haven’t gotten the rest of my sweat suits so I can’t even wear the black sweat pants or the gray t-shirt. I would really really like and appreciate if y’all at WISH would please send me my black t-shirt and my gray sweat pants I would really really appreciate it and it for real would be the happiest day every for me. I’ve been dying to wear the black sweat suit cause I have making socks for it and everything. I have a few different pairs of socks I can wear with it cause of all the different colors in the pants and t-shirt. I just don’t understand how this happened, why this has happened, why was the other t-shirt and sweat pants not with their matches, am I every going to get the rest of my stuff. Maybe I should make a you tube video about all this and I bet it would get so many likes and comments either saying the same thing happened to me! Or yeah I never order a two piece like a shirt and pants together cause I figured they would mess it up some howor why did they send the black sweat pants and then the gray shirt when those both go to the missing black t-shirt and the missing gray sweat pants I’m so sick right now too. I have been for about 2 weeks maybe 3 weeks of not going to the bathroom. It’s something with my small intestine, colon, and stomach. It’s been rough. My lower abdomenstomach has hurt me so bad and the cramping I’m having from it all. I just want my stuff

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I just want my missing black t-shirt and my missing gray sweat pants. That all I want. I'm dying to try on my whole black outfit with my different brand new colors of socks. I just want my pants and shirt and maybe y'all as in wish can let me get some outfits, shirts, shoes, sweat suits for a really could discount or price. Maybe 5 sweats suits or shirts or pants at the price $1.00 or 0.50 cent or 0.75. Give me some kind of deal for this big mess up. But I still want my gray pants and my black shirt please or my money back for both sweat suits. It's almost been a month and I didn't receive everything I ordered . Please make this right please.

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