Complaint: i feel im been scammed

on 27 February 2021 about Wish in category Retail Company

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My complaint:

i ordered a motorbike not long ago and payed for it since getting 3 refunds from wishbecause i didnt receive my items i was accused for refund abuse i was investigated and i appealed andthey founfd out i was been honest, since then they are now saying ive had a wish loan for the motorbike top, i didnt know youcouldget a loan on a pay later system, but theyve only just told me, before i was told i had to pay my loan i have ordered items before this and they never said then i had to pay my loan so if this was true then how did i order itemsafter that without paying a socalled outstanding loan, i have got proof i payed it off, so they are just trying to get money out of me, so it wont let meorderanything until i pay the loan so how did i order other items if i apparently had a debt this is misleading and been dishonest and on my order history it shows i payed on my card this is unacceptable. ive ordered alot of items and spent alot of money and i never abused the refund policy pkus i got my refund back in wish cashto spend back on wish so how am i scamming im disgusted as ive been a good customer and i feel like imnow been targeted and its put me off buying incase something like myitem comes damaged or doesnt come at all i would not ask themfor a refund or return anything because theyve made me feel i cant. im not a liar or scammer i was a honest customer and loyal but i want to spend my remaining wishcashthen after that im no longer ordereing from wish ever again.

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look into it. and let me spend my remaining wishcash because i cant.
or put the money back in my account and delete my account because sorry is not good enough, its beyond a joke

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