Complaint: False Advertising!!!

on 06 March 2021 about Wish in category Retail Company

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My complaint:

I’ve made 4 different orders and in those the items (Electronic) where not processed in time and I’m forced to not get that item at the advertised price and still to late to cancel the rest of the order. I placed the order at one time so it should all be processed the same way as well because I truly feel cheated plus scammed and straight lied to by wish!!!!! Who wants the rest of an order when the main important item keeps constantly getting knocked off at the very end so I can’t fix the issue ahead of time! And no one to contact to correct it. Who is going to want a ring or flower if you can’t get the electronics you ordered with the order….!? I want an entire refund and not half to wait til the product comes then return it to get a refund when I’m trying to cancel it all right after they scammed me, before the product is even ready to be shipped!!? I’m soo fustraited and aggravated. There’s nothing in the policy that stats how many items you can make in one order or how the electronics are the last items to be processed in your order so making them the items that you will always loose not being process in time….!? There no better than the average hustler dealing in stolen property and should be prosecuted as such period! Because my total is still the same even though I lost the most important part of that order! My last order is processing right let’s see the end results!?

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Suggested solution:

I want my entire order refunded to me or access to the items I conveniently lost and processed like they should with my order I paid for then proceed or then I can order my product accordingly so I know I won't lose out on my main items (electronics ) and then I order the miscellaneous items!

False Advertising!!!
False Advertising!!!
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