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on 03 March 2021 about Wish in category Retail Company

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My complaint:

I placed an order for an item in late January for a card case and two days later I placed a separate order for a different, more expensive item. A week goes by and Wish notifies me that the two orders are being sent to me in a combined shipment. A few weeks go by and I receive my package. However, only one item was present (the more expensive item) with the first order no where to be found. I reached out to Wish to where they tried to tell me it was delivered to my door (which yes, the tracking label to the combined shipment was sent) but the first order was not even placed in the package I received. After a weeks worth of going back and forth with Wish, and sending multiple pictures to them, they tried to tell me they could not refund me because I no longer had the original shipping package to the item I did receive. Then after going back and forth some more and sending them the USPS tracking url, they tried to tell me that it was delivered. Again, yes the tracking label they provided me was delivered but they did not include the first product. At this point, my significant other logged on for me and had to threaten them with filing a complaint in order to get my refund. WHAT A HASSLE.

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They did resolve the issue by EVENTUALLY giving me a refund BUT not without threatening to report them. This should have been resolved without the need for my boyfriend to log on as me to threaten them with reporting. To Wish customer service, why do you think I would I lie about not receiving my order when I could show you photo proof about receiving the MORE EXPENSIVE product in my order. This is also not to mention that customer service only likes to do returns over their chat function, they have an email which you may or may not get a response, and the phone line provided on their website IS OUT OF COMMISSION. I bet they do that on purpose just so customers can feel defeated about not receiving what they paid for or whatever reason you tried to reach out to them.

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