Complaint: Can’t load ticket so no refund

on 22 October 2020 about Wish in category Retail Company

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I am having an issue opening a ticket for a damaged airless sprayer that arrived on the 29th Order : 5f5cc61e3c5710ed9a9cc5de
I loaded a ticket on the 30th and got no reply so I loaded another ticket and still no reply I tried loading a 3rd ticket but I get a message saying Oops you can’t open anymore tickets for this item.
I have been contacting wish now for 23 days and know one is helping me.
I was told to quit the app completely I did that.
I was told to uninstall my app and reinstall it I did that.
I was told to restart my phone I did that.
I was told to use wish on a computer I did that.
And still the same problem.
I have sent screenshots, photos, videos and screen recordings.
I have been in contact with wish now for 23 days and every time I explain I can’t load a ticket the reply I get is please use the app to load a ticket can no one understand that I CANT LOAD A TICKET.
Please help there is no problem with my phone or my computer the problem is with your website the only solution that I see is that wish support needs to reset my tickets for this item or they need to help me some other way instead of using the contact support button as it’s not working. This item cost me $513 $12 shipping $25 import tax $550 total

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Suggested solution:

Well I can’t load a ticket so I can’t request a refund and they can’t refund me through email so they need to find a way to refund me

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