Wetherspoons complaint: Rude, intimidating upsetting response to a logical request.

on 22 August 2022 about Wetherspoons in category Clubs / Pubs / Cafés

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My complaint:

Today (22nd August) ( am) I reported sour milk in both coffee machines having filled my container with milk as my first drink. Initially ignored, I made several attempts to drink the milk when told the milk containers were in-date. I continued to try both machines with the same results – sour milk! Eventually, after unacceptable delays, only one machine’s milk supply was replaced. The replacement milk resolved the problem. However, Jane – a member of staff – began a tirade against me, accusing me of being a nuisance complainant. The Manageress overheard and refused to intervene. I informed the Manageress that I was going to lodge a complaint. I was left shaken. I am a regular customer and have been for several years.

Suggested solution:

Milk supplies, despite being in date, should be checked prior to installation and the containers checked for any residue before installation, preferably regularly cleaned on a health and safety basis. This is the second time I have tasted sour milk - the previous event was 2 months ago. On that occasion I was completely ignored and therefore chose to leave the premises in disgust.

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