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on 26 April 2021 about Vudu in category Online Services

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My complaint:

I have an account with Vudu. I have bought over 100 movies on Vudu. I really prefer to buy movies in bundles because all of the sequels are together. I recently bought 4 bundled movies: Avengers 4-movie collection, How to Train Your Dragon 3-movie collection, Jurassic World 5-movie collection and the Kung Fu Panda 3-movie collection.

I had bought the Kung Fu Panda movies individually. They deleted the individual movies that I’d bought since I bought the bundled package, but they refused to refund me my money for those movies. They are also going to delete my Avengers 3-movie bundle since I have bought the 4-movie bundle, but they refuse to refund me for the 3-movie bundle. They are also going to delete my 2-movie bundle of How to Train Your Dragon and my 4-movie bundle of Jurassic World, again without refunding me.

They say that they can’t refund money after 30 days of purchase. Sequels often don’t come out until years later. They need to either find a way to add sequels to a current bundle or to put single movies in a bundle package without screwing their customers financially.

For example, I just bought the 5-movie bundle of Jurassic World, it has all 3 Jurassic Park movies and the 2 Jurassic World movies. But they are going to release a 6th movie next year, the 3rd Jurassic World movie. I’d like to add this movie to my bundled package of Jurassic World without having to buy the new, more expensive bundle and not be refunded for the previous bundle that I currently have.

I don’t want to wait 10 years until maybe they stop making more sequels before buying a bundle of movies to watch. We enjoy watching the movies now. I’m just really sick and tired of Vudu screwing me financially like this!!!!! I’m a single mom and I don’t make very much money at all.

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Refund me $200

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