Volunteers of America complaint: Promised assistance

on 12 March 2023 about Volunteers of America in category Non-Profit

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My complaint:

I’m a disabled veteran and was referred to VOA for rental assistance. This was in January 23. I was promised along with my landlord that we would be ok. So I stayed extending my time. Apartment won’t do partial..so by the time is was over it was over 6k. The week of the eviction Phillip says no funding. Huge slap..no. I context ever existed like hey we go off donation’s..it’s not a promise so be careful..non of that. By his lack of sharing this can you imagine how that made me feel along with my mental health. Since then he hasn’t reached out to even say anything about housing. All lies.

Suggested solution:

Be truthful always to everyone! I expect nothing..they severed communication with me.

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